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I work at the Veterinary Center in Staten Island, and Rob stops in periodically to talk to us. There usually are customers in our office when he stops in, and he is always glad to answer any questions they have. Today, after he left our office, the client asked me for his name because she wants to have him help her with her dog! He has helped a lot of our clients, and we are very happy to recommend him any time someone asks for a trainer. Thanks, Rob, for a job well done!
Caroline Cataldo, Staten Island 18th December 2007

My husband and I have worked with Robert Machi for a few years now. He has always helped us solve issues with our dog Eliot. Eliot has changed so much since we have worked with Robert. Sometimes issues come up and Robert always gets back to me in a short period of time. I am very happy with Bark Busters and would highly recommend the company.
Jayme Sklar, Brooklyn 17th December 2007

Robert and I know each other for three years now. I first met him when he came to my very first Adoption Event. His easy-going nature and calm demeanor made him someone who was a pleasure and an asset to have in a situation that was a bit chaotic, to say the least. Robert has attended over 25 adoption events with me in the past three years. He has gone above and beyond to make certain that the right dog goes to the right home! With Robert's help, we have made close to 500 dog adoptions happen. He is generous with his time and his knowledge. I am so blessed to have his support and know that many of the dogs adopted at my events have gone on to benefit from Robert's expertise and have grown into wonderful, well-behaved family members - rather than being returned to the shelter for not having "manners"... Bark Busters should be really proud of Robert because he is truly an asset to their organization!
Mary Jo Tobin, Brooklyn 13th December 2007

I adopted a loving adult dog who pulled on his leash and barked constantly. Robert was a tremendous help, and I learned how to change my own behavior in order to help the dog. Eventually, the dog had to change homes, as he was aggressive with our cats, and Robert was very compassionate as we made this decision.
Lisa Douglas, New York 12th December 2007

I can't tell you how much Robert Machi has helped me with my Labrador puppy( Lizzie). While a good dog, Lizzie is probably one of the most stubborn, mind of her own, not to mention strong dogs I have ever seen.
Maureen Lauder, Breezy Point 13th November 2007

Robert was able to focus my 3-year-old female dalmatian during his initial visit. His techniques and tips had her focused with less barking after his 1st visit. Her calmer demeanor has been noticed by the neighbors, the mailman and anyone walking past the house.
Rose Greenberg, Staten Island 12th July 2007

My 2-year-old Malti-Poo was very spoiled and nervous due to a trauma with a Velcro jacket. Ever ytime we approached him, he would growl and he would even bite me......He was constantly barking at the door - at people - at the TV - I could not stop this behavior....I knew small dogs reacted like this sometimes, but I thought I would go crazy....
Mary Ann D'Elia, Brooklyn 18th May 2007

I was very satisfied with the way Bark Busters trainer Robert trained my stubborn Yorkie. The way they train your dog is with great care.
Dayna, Brooklyn, NY 17th February 2006

Luc is certainly not your average dog. A Giant Schnauzer rescue, 13 months old, 105 lbs, found running loose in the street. Large in size, attitude and ego, the world was his oyster and everything in it, his toy. Without Robert's patience, understanding and stick-to-it-iveness, Luc would not have the manners he now has. Robert Machi and the Bark Busters training techniques gave Luc the training he needed to find a wonderful forever home, which certainly would not have been available to him before. Thank you, Robert. You have given Luc his second chance!
Barbara, Brooklyn, NY 7th February 2006

I am extremely satisfied with the level of service, methods of training, and professionalism [of my trainer]. I'm truly grateful that I found Bark Busters.
Wendy B., Brooklyn, NY 8th March 2005

After one session, we noticed a big difference in our puppy's behavior. We highly recommend Bark Busters to everyone.
Luisa & Tom M., Bayside, NY 8th March 2005

It really works! After one training session our 12-week old Chesapeake Bay Retriever really responded.
John P., East Islip, NY 8th March 2005

By the first night, I was able to stop and correct the annoying behaviors before they started. Now [Maximus] is more enjoyable to be around.
Michelle S., Brooklyn, NY 8th March 2005

We have seen a huge improvement in our dog's behavior and feel that our dog has enjoyed the training and specialized attention we are giving him.
Christina V., Fresh Meadows, NY 8th March 2005

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